Two new speed cameras net £54,000 in 10 days

A pair of speed cameras in Peterborough have proved to be remarkably lucrative for their installers, as they have potentially netted £54,000 from speeding drivers in the first ten days of their service.

The cameras on the A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway in Peterborough have issued at least 900 tickets in the first week and a half of their lives, and are on track to be the highest earning of any in the country. Each ticket could see the punished driver fined to the tune of £60.
The traps face in both directions on a dual carriageway where the speed limit has been lowered to 40mph during roadworks. The speed limit is normally 70mph, but officials have lowered it while work is carried out on the road.

The central reservation has been removed while a nearby roundabout is redesigned and has traffic lights installed. It is expected that the cameras will remain in place for at least six months while the work is carried out.

The current most lucrative camera in the UK is one on the M11 in Essex, which flashes around 9,000 drivers a year to the tune of around £500,000. If these two cameras carry on at the same rate, they will smash this record by around 7,000 tickets in half the time.

Police have defended the speed limit saying that it is vital that drivers slow down on their way past workers, and said that they will be putting up more signs to alert motorists to the amended limit.
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