Red Bull hand victory on a plate to Hamilton

Stephan Heublein

Lewis Hamilton wins the Turkish GP ahead of team-mate Jenson Button. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel collide in battle for the lead.

For the third Grand Prix in succession, Mark Webber was starting from pole position. Until the 40th lap, the Australian had a victory hat-trick within his grasp. Then team-mate Sebastian Vettel attempted a passing manoeuvre that resulted in a collision. Both drivers spun off track, and that was the end of Vettel's race. Webber was able to continue after an unscheduled pit stop to replace his damaged front wing and to salvage the third spot on the podium.

"When you look at the action replay, the situation is clear," said Vettel afterwards. "I was on the inside, so I had right of way on the next turn and was just focusing on getting the braking right. Then there was contact and my race was over." A collision of this kind between team-mates is always a double disaster.