The Eurovision Song Contest

Caroline Cassidy

The countdown has begun to this year's Eurovision Song Contest final. It's the 55th outing for the event which will brings together the usual mixture of fun, froth and downright eccentric acts from around Europe.Graham Norton will once again provide commentary for the night in his own unique manner and it's all live on the BBC at 8pm on Saturday 29th May. The contest has in fact been shown live since it began in 1956 and is one of the most viewed events in the world, with audience figures growing year after year. The 2010 contest is expected to have viewing figures exceeding 600 million.

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This year's Eurovision will take place in Oslo as Norway, the winning country in 2009 with Alexander Rybak's Fairytale, are automatically put forward as the host for the following year.

The latest UK Eurovision hopeful is nineteen-year-old Josh Dubovie who takes his place in the finals after winning the most votes in Your Country Needs You on the BBC. The youngster will be taking to the stage in Oslo to perform That Sounds Good To Me. Josh is hoping for good things having had his song penned by pop hit makers Pete Waterman, Mike Stock and Steve Crosby. He is 12th up on stage at the Telenor Arena and will be competing against 24 other hopefuls.

Waterman has racked up millions of sales worldwide with his pop collaborators Mike Stock and Matt Aitken. Josh will be banking on the winning formula to impress the 18,000 strong crowd and massive TV audience.

It will come down to the fickle voting process and in the final, the scores of the songs will be calculated on the basis of votes received from the TV audience and appointed national juries. There will be 12 points allocated to the song having obtained the highest combined number of votes, 10 points to the song having obtained the second-highest combined number of votes and so on.