Motorist aims to prove speed cameras don't work in winter

A motorist has launched a legal bid to prove that speed cameras do not work in extreme cold or heat after he feels he was wrongfully fined for speeding.

Andrew Fowler was flashed on the way to work in Cambridge in February last year and then sent a ticket for supposedly doing 41mph in a 30mph zone.Fowler maintains that he passed the camera every day on his way to work and that the speedometer on his Skoda Favorit was showing around 30mph.

After launching an appeal against the punishment, which would have seen him fined £60 and given three points on his licence, he says he has got expert evidence that proves that cameras are not calibrated to give accurate reading when the temperature is above 70 degrees or below freezing.

He says the cold temperature affects the timing circuit within the camera, which means the delay between the two images the device takes is longer than its normal half second. This would then give the impression that the car has travelled further in the time between the two pictures.

"I drove past that camera every day for 12 months and it never flashed," Fowler told The Daily Mail.

"I have no reason to believe I was speeding that day. I checked my speedometer and I was doing just over 30mph."

He believes that the case, which is now being heard in the Cambridge Crown Court, could open the floodgates for appeals against speeding fines.

"I'm nowhere near being a rich man but I don't mind how much this costs me because it is for a good cause, this is for all motorists.

"If I'm successful everyone will be at their crown court with speeding cases. Everyone will be able to appeal."

Fowler hopes to get the case to the High Court in London, where he will continue to represent himself in his bid to get his punishment overturned.
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