If you need a test drive just head for the roof

A new Turkish car dealership is aiming to be the largest in the world when it is built, and is aiming to attract customers by guaranteeing a congestion free test drive to try out their new car.

The builders aren't striking a deal with the local police to block the roads off to allow you to try your new hatchback, but are going one better and creating their own roads – on the roof of the dealership.Autopia Europia will be built in Istanbul in Turkey, and will spread over more than two million square feet, boast five floors, and hold space for as many as 200 different car sales outlets for both new and used vehicles.

There will also be 56 restaurants, 48 car repair shops, 42 insurance companies to tell you you can't afford the insurance on a Veyron and 24 banks to turn down the loan request in the first place.

The makers reckon that it will see as many as 6 million visitors every year, but are only providing 900 parking spaces for them – an odd decision for a place selling cars.

Autopia Animation final from GADarchitecture on Vimeo.

Work has only just started, so it will be a few years until the building work is finished. Time enough for the global car industry to recover for 200 competing car dealerships all in one place to find enough custom to survive.
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