Top ten ways to avoid the World Cup

Caroline Cassidy

Despite the fact that the whole country seems to be on the brink of going football mad not everyone is looking forward to the World Cup. For some it's a dream come true for others it's a month of tedium. If you don't care about Ashley's ankle or Rooney's right hamstring then you may be in need of some top tips on how to escape the football fest.

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Books you meant to read. Surely curling up with a good book is the perfect antidote to any pre-match build up. Make a list of all the books you ever wanted to read and batten down the hatches. Raid the library or catch up on the bestseller list at your local bookshop.

Rent out your TV as this will mean no footie. Why not find some needy soul who doesn't have a TV and let them hire yours for a song. Send a group email and see who is willing to take the goggle box off your hands and make your home a Lineker and Hansen free zone

Go camping. Find a like minded friend, pack the boot of the car and set off for the great unknown. Armed with only a tent, sleeping bag and camping stove you should be able to stay well away from goal flashes and extra time drama.

Decorate the house. Don't just spring clean, why not take the opportunity to completely re-decorate. That way you can pack away the TV and concentrate on colour schemes, wax floorings and eggshell finishes.

Go on a retreat and try getting away from it all. There are hundreds of different types of retreat. Whether you want to improve your health, lift flagging spirits or simply recharge your batteries with a spell of much needed silence, there is a retreat for you.

Travel somewhere hot as here are plenty of countries that didn't qualify for the World Cup. This means there is a good chance you won't be forced into watching the Mexican wave or a penalty shoot out in some bar. Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Tunisia will all have plenty to offer that won't involve the F word.

Have a clear out
. With a month of football to avoid why not use the time to have a massive clear out of all the junk you've kept for years. Organise your wardrobe, go through the attic and empty the garage. Then treat yourself to a shopping spree to replenish those empty shelves.

Watch movies. How many films can you watch in one month? The chances are you will already have a stock of films and box sets that you haven't been able to watch yet. If not you can always top up from your video shop. Stock up on popcorn and ice cream and make your home a mini cinema for four weeks.

Try volunteering. If you don't want to be at home for a month then why not volunteer? There are hundreds of good causes that could use your help whether you want to go abroad or stay closer to home.

Start a course. Concentrate on self-improvement for a month. Take the time to improve your CV. Why not learn a language? Have you ever thought about learning to play an instrument? Whatever you want to try it has to beat hearing about the offside rule.