Lorry shunt driver to keep his licence

The driver of a lorry that was filmed speeding along a motorway with a car trapped on the front of his cab has been told that he will not lose his licence.

The driver, John Tomlinson from Lancashire, has been told that he will not be banned from driving as he could not see, hear or smell the Renault Clio which was caught on his truck.
Footage of the car being pushed along the A1(M) in Yorkshire appeared on YouTube after it was recorded by a passing driver. The Renault driver, Rona Williams, said at the time that she thought she was going to die. She told how she was unable to do anything, and had to call 999.

Once Tomlinson realised the car was there, he pulled over to the hard shoulder. He reportedly asked Williams if he needed to hang around and wait for the emergency services to arrive, but did so when she told him that he should.
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