Bouncing bridge causes seasick drivers

Drivers tackling a newly built bridge in Russia have been faced with an unusual problem – seasickness.

The bridge, in Volgograd, has been bouncing up and down in the wind, with cars reportedly having been thrown into the air and turned the wrong way round.
The 4.5mile long bridge has been suffering from oscillations as big as a metre, with drivers initially thinking there was something wrong with their cars.

"I was driving to my country house when my car started bouncing like a ball. I thought there was something wrong with the suspension," said one driver.

The authorities shut the bridge, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered an investigation into the problem.

Sounding somewhat like the UK's rail network, reports suggest that the issue has been blamed on the 'wrong sort of winds'.

"Experts agree that it is the dynamics of the air," deputy transportation minister Oleg Belozyorov told reporters. "When wind gusts hit a certain resonance zone, they cause these kinds of consequences."

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