Most drivers don't know the traffic light sequence

More than half the UK's drivers don't know the sequence of the lights on traffic lights, according to a survey.

Only 48 percent of those asked correctly identified red as the light that directly follows amber in the sequence. 39 percent of drivers thought that green was the next light, while seven percent expected a green light to come next. The last six percent incorrectly thought red and amber would come after amber.There is worse news if you live in some of the more remote areas of the UK – only 40 percent of Welsh drivers know the order the lights come in, while only 45 percent of Scotland's drivers are in the know.

But living in an area where there are fewer sets of traffic lights need not mean all drivers are not clued up – 61 percent of East Anglian drivers got the order right, just behind the top performers in the East Midlands.

"We're surprised that so few drivers remember the traffic light sequence correctly," said Dermot Halpin, CEO of Autoquake, who ran the survey of 100 drivers.

"It's amazing that so many drivers think an amber signal is about to change to green when in fact it will change to red. Drivers should remember that an amber light means stop unless it is unsafe to do so. As pedestrians we're worried that so many drivers expect to see a green and amber signal since this doesn't exist."
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