Video: Audi's next big thing loses the plot

Right, it's official – Audi's 'next big thing' is the worst thing Justin Timberlake has done since he left The Mickey Mouse Club.

We're three episodes into the A1 mini-series and frankly we'd rather watch a 'N Sync music video than see the fourth.

Curiously the problem is not Timberlake.
Sure he gurns and preens through every second of the interminable three minutes, but that's what Ingolstadt paid him for.

No, the issue is that someone at Audi (or possibly a soon to be unemployed ad executive) decided to cram in enough cheap plot twists, terrible dialouge and stupid characters to fill a Mariah Carey biopic.

Of course you can get away with almost anything if you've got the talent, time and budget to it pull it off...

Or alternatively you make the most graceful 'advert' ever filmed and just hope the car sinks in...

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