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Caroline Cassidy

Waxing is a very popular form of hair removal. The treatment removes hair from the root which means that the results last longer than shaving. New hairs should take several weeks to grow back and now you can treat almost any part of the body. If you don't mind your hair growing a little first then waxing is ideal but remember it's not pain free and if you have sensitive skin it can be quite sore afterwards.

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Many treatments can be carried out at home quite easily but you may prefer a salon for the more tricky procedures. The cold wax strips available for home use are not always as effective as the hot wax treatment carried out by a professional. It's also a lot less messy than doing it yourself.%VIRTUAL-AFCSponserAds%

There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair. Here are some of the most popular treatments:

American Bikini Wax is perhaps the most basic of those available. The hair from the top of the thighs and just under the navel is removed to prevent the bikini line being seen.

Brazilian Bikini Wax is the most popular form of bikini waxing. It refers to the removal of all hair from the front and back apart from the pubis.

Bikini Line Wax involves removal of hair from above the leg and below the navel. This area is also known as the 'bikini line', referring to pubic hair that is visible beyond that which a typical bikini swimsuit covers

Under arm wax is rapidly becoming an alternative to shaving. It lasts longer than shaving and leaves skin smooth. Easy to do at home or at a salon if you prefer.

Eyebrow wax is a popular treatment that enhances the shape of the face and eyes by altering eyebrow shape.

Lip wax can be done cheaply and safely at home. The good news is that regular waxing will result in thinner, sparser hair growth over time.

Male waxing involves the removal of male pubic hair. It is increasingly popular and is no longer the preserve of the modelling community.