We're heading for a heatwave

Caroline Cassidy

We may feel hesitant about believing it, but according to the MET Office and other weather forecasters, we are in for a barbecue summer next week. Or at least, a few days of hot weather.

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This is very welcome news after experiencing a pretty chilly May so far which had an average temperature of 12.3C (54.1F). May's seasonal average temperature is a more acceptable 15C (59F).

According to Helen Chivers of the MET Office, it's time to plan our barbecues and picnics in the park.

She said: "We're looking at up to 22C in the South on Wednesday, with the best temperatures in the South-East as London and East Anglia see 21C or 22C. The North is looking at 18C to 20C. A temperature of 25C (77F) is possible on Friday and temperatures might reach 26C (79F) on Friday or Saturday."

We can certainly expect to see crowded parks and beer gardens this weekend.

But don't get your hopes up for a fine summer too soon. The high temperatures and humid weather may cause thunderstorms, and we all know that a British summer isn't complete without a few showers.

However, weather forecaster Positive Weather Solutions have some more good news for us. Not only did they acurately predict last summer's washout (when the MET Office promised us a heatwave), but also they aniticipate a good summer this year. Let's hope they're right again.

They predict some showers through June and July but say that "more fine weather will emerge in August, and with some lovely unbroken sunshine, we may well see some record temperatures".

It might be time to break out the sun hats.

What do you think, are we in for a fine summer or another washout? Leave your comments below.