Video: Thrills and spills on the Nordschleife

Germany's fearsome Nurburgring is one of the most famous motor racing venues in the world not only for the perennial visits by F1 and German touring cars, but also for the notorious "Touristenfahrten" sessions where anyone can turn up, pay a fee, and attempt to make it round 154 turns of the Nordschleife without putting their pride and joy backwards into the barriers.

Not everyone makes it round safely of course. The track is extremely treacherous, very complicated and almost impossible to learn unless you've got a lifetime to throw at it. Accidents then are inevitable, and thanks to the Nordschleife's status as a public toll road, there's every chance your off will be videoed by a highly amused German audience.

So in honour of the phoney tough and the crazy brave we've assembled an Autoblog UK video collection of the best (and worst) Nurburgring spills. Enjoy.

Click on the link below to watch.

The chap in the Porsche here gains our sympathy, but it is the second car flying off the track just afterwards that should know better. Always keep your eyes on the road.

The temptation to take your Astra Nurburgring to Germany must have been overwhelming. It was inevitable that at least one would end up like this.

While we might feel sympathy for anyone that prangs thousands of pounds of metal at the 'Ring, these spectators clearly don't.

This Honda driver so nearly catches his flailing Civic, and then loses it again.

Sometimes it is best to just pretend you never crashed - nobody saw it so we'll just finish the lap and pretend the car arrived with that barrier-shaped dent on it...

If you are going to fly past slower cars at great speed, it doesn't help to maintain the race-driver image if you stuff it into the side in a cloud of smoke moments later.

Both occupents get out of this one ok, and then sit and watch the clean-up of the carnage they have left in their wake.

On the basis that we are not driving Gods, we have refrained from laughing at most of these clips, but not this one. You drive all the way to Germany, head out onto the Nurburgring, and put the pedal to the metal for your first lap, what could possibly go wrong?

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