Top Gear's Veyron-providing 'Royal' jailed for £500,000 scam

The boss of a car hire firm that loaned a Bugatti Veyron to Top Gear has been sent to jail after being found guilty of scamming victims out of £600,000 and posing as royalty.

Koroush Pour has been sent down for two years after passing himself off as a member of the Kuwait royal family and conning creditors out of almost £500,000 and two nurses out of £120,000.
The conman fronted his life of crime with a veneer of respectability by running a car hire company Swift Hire in Kensington, London. The company dealt with high-end cars, and was responsible for providing one of the Bugatti Veyrons tested by the BBC show Top Gear.

Pour, 33, duped two retired nurses out of £120,000 by claiming he could get them a good exchange rate on their money as they planned their relocation to Spain. He used the details of the clients from his car hire company to borrow £464,952.36, and was also shown to have sold on cars with thousands of pounds still owed on them.

On sentencing him the judge told Pour: "You have not only probably brought shame on yourself and your family, but you reduced your own circumstances to one where you are quite unable to live the lavish lifestyle I'm told you were living."
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