Tesla boss's ex reveals details of their messy divorce

The boss of Tesla motors, Elon Musk, has had his private life well and truly hung out in public while he has to deal with an acrimonious and costly divorce battle.

But it's not a tabloid journalist exposing the electric sports car supremo, it's his ex wife - Justine Musk.
The billionaire has already had to endure his wife's demands through the courts, but now she has also publicised them on her blog, called Moschus Writes.

She says she has asked for: "The house alimony and child support 6 million cash 10 percent of his stock in Tesla 5 percent of his stock in SpaceX (and he retains all voting rights) and a Tesla Roadster (I really, really want one...)"

She then justifies her demands, saying: "Is that what I deserve? I don't know. Who exactly deserves that kind of wealth? But based on our life and history together, is that reasonable? I think so."

Given Musk could be one of the wealthiest men on the planet should electric cars such as the Tesla hit the mainstream, and given the American legal system, she may end up with what she asks for.

We don't know the state of the man's finances, or the state of his relationship with his ex wife for that matter, but if she gets $6 million in cash, then we aren't sure why she couldn't just buy herself a Tesla Roadster...

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