Stewards too busy to consider Barrichello penalty

One of the three stewards on duty in Monaco last weekend has revealed the officials were too busy to consider giving Rubens Barrichello a penalty.

After Michael Schumacher was demoted six places for illegally overtaking Fernando Alonso on the last lap, it was suggested that Brazilian Barrichello should also have received a penalty.

Television footage during the race showed the Williams driver throwing his steering wheel onto the racing line after crashing, only for it to be collected by HRT's Karun Chandhok.
The steering wheel was then dislodged in the tunnel, only for it to be run over by the other Hispania car.

Barrichello, 37, has denied he acted recklessly by arguing that he wanted to quickly abandon the burning wreck that was facing the wrong way on the racing line.

But Paul Gutjahr, one of the four Monaco stewards, told Switzerland's Blick newspaper that the incident did not initially escape their attention.

"Actually, we had Barrichello on the list," the Swiss admitted.

He explained that the issue simply fell off the agenda in the "hectic rush" to sort out the controversial Schumacher manoeuvre.
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