Nurburgring joins Gran Turismo 5 track list

The geniuses behind Gran Turismo 5 have revealed that the legendary German track the Nurburgring will be joining the list of circuits on the game.

Frustratingly there is no indication on a release date for the next instalment of the racing game, but we now have the chance to see what it will look like when it finally arrives.

The quality of the images is such that we had to look closely to see whether we weren't studying pictures of the real thing. The detail goes to such a level that you even get the crudely daubed writing on the track and the tents of the spectators at the side of the circuit.

Cars on show include the Mercedes SLS AMG, the McLaren SLR and its legendary ancestor the McLaren F1. Current thoughts seem to be that the game will make it to shops in June/July time, so we'll have to wait until then to see what else is on offer.

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