Aussie motorists face fines for leaving cars unlocked

Australian motorists are facing a bizarre situation where the local police can FINE them for leaving their cars unlocked on the streets.

It means that motorists who unwittingly leave their cars unlocked are doubly as likely to be stung – if the thieves don't get you then the cops certainly will – to the tune of $358 (£216).
The peculiar scheme, enforced in the Yarra Ranges, near Melbourne, is meant to counter the amount of car thefts occurring from unsecured vehicles. The police have repeatedly warned locals to leave their valuables out of sight and locked, but this has gone unheeded and crime levels have continued to rise.

So if ever you feel that the police are against you over here, at least you can be sure that they won't fine your forgetfulness. Unless you've parked somewhere too long. Or driven a little too fast on the motorway. Or mislaid your tax disc.
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