Monaco: Webber dominated in the principality

Stephan Heublein

Only a week after his first victory of the season in Barcelona, Mark Webber has racked up his second one - he dominated the entire weekend in Monaco.

On lap 36 of the Monaco GP the relaxed-looking Red Bull mechanics in the pits were already waving at the camera. One could have thought they were waving farewell to the competitors lagging far behind Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel - without the four safety car phases of the race the Red Bull would also have been driving in a world of its own in Monaco and would have drawn out a phenomenal advantage - just as a week earlier in Barcelona.

The difference: this time Sebastian Vettel was able to bring the Red Bull's success to perfection and secure 2nd place behind his team-mate - although towards the end Kubica once again drew near. As in the qualifying, Vettel did not stand a chance against Webber. For the second time within seven days the Australian drove ahead and away from the rest of the Formula 1 world. Even the safety car phases could not brake him. He gained a winning margin after every one.