VW unveils Golf GTI Excessive

Volkswagen has revealed a new Golf GTI concept intended to preview a potential range of new accessories for the popular hot hatch.

The Golf GTI Excessive was unveiled at the annual Worthersee Show in Austria with a number of visual and mechanical modifications that the manufacturer claims make the standard model a more focussed driver's car.

While the Excessive's output is slightly boosted – from 207bhp to 210bhp – the concept's alterations are not based on increased power. Aside from the introduction of a lightened sports exhaust, the standard 2.0-litre engine is unchanged.

Instead the Golf's handling has been sharpened by upgrading the springs and dampers, and providing the car with a wider track. The latter means the concept gets a set of 30mm wheelarch extensions.

The new arches are complimented by new 19-inch BBS alloys, which have a larger set of disc brakes beneath them.

On the styling front, the Excessive gets a deeper front splitter, revised air dams either side of the front grille, a new rear diffuser, titanium-tipped exhaust pipes and a redesigned rear spoiler. Inside there are new bucket seats finished with brushed aluminium and gloss black trim.

Should the modifications elicit a positive reaction from the VW enthusiasts who attend the annual Worthersee Show, you can expect to see the brand add an Excessive package to its list of optional extras that can be retro-fitted to the current Golf GTI.
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