Video: Flasher causes driver to crash in Rally New Zealand

Rallying is famous for producing spectacular accidents, but this surely has to be one of the most bizarre and painfully funny incidents to have occurred in the history of the sport.

Rally driver Mark Tapper's onboard camera perfectly captures the moment he rounds a bend on the Rally New Zealand and encounters a cheeky spectator exposing his buttocks on the verge.

The split-second sight caused the unfortunate Auckland racer to roll his Mitsubishi Evo on the very next bend.

Tapper admitted to reporters that the lone supporter had distracted him. "A very white bottom that was beside the road put me off for a fraction of a second, then I just ran wide and rolled."

To brighten up your day, click on the link below to watch the video.

One word of warning – Tapper was understandably upset when the car came to a stop on its roof so the clip includes some VERY bad language.

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