MOT tester smashes £200,000 Ferrari

A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti capable of speeds of nearly 200mph has been wrecked by an employee from the MOT test centre that was working on the car.

The dark blue supercar, which costs almost £220,000 new, was taken for a "quick road test" by the worker, who lost control and smashed into a lamppost before mounting a two foot wall.
The driver, said to be in his early twenties, was reportedly unhurt, but was treated for shock at the scene by paramedics. An eyewitness said: "He looked pretty stressed out when he realised the car was wrecked and kept saying his bosses would kill him."

The man's bosses are not all he will have to worry about, as the owner was said to be less than happy that his pride and joy has been smashed.

Ferrari has said that the crash, which happened in New Malden in Surrey, was not caused by a member of staff from one of its own network of dealerships or service centres.

Puts most heart-in-the-mouth bumps and scrapes you have had in the supermarket car park into context...
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