Video: Guns, girls and Timberlake can't save Audi's 'next big thing'

So the Audi A1/Timberlake 'Next Big Thing' mini-movie series rumbles on. Part two actually features more of the car, but that doesn't really improve things.

There's a distinct impression that if Audi had thrown a little less money at Timberlake's fee and a little more on production values and screenwriters, they might have produced something a bit more worthwhile. (Note to Audi's marketing department: any scene that features some variation of the line 'cut the action movie sh*t' is itself, by definition, sh*t).

There's also far too much green screen and speeded up film for our liking - Audi would have been better off with half a dozen stunt drivers and a decent cinematographer. Oh well, at least Dania Ramirez is still in it...

Click on the link below to watch.