Cameron gets a new Jag to go with the new job

It would seem things are going quite well for David Cameron at the moment. After landing himself the Prime Minister's job that he had been angling for, he also got the keys to a new house in Downing Street and the use of a brand new car.

After his predecessor Gordon Brown was seen driving around in the previous generation Jaguar XJ, Cameron arrived at his new home in the latest generation of the luxury saloon.
Rumour has it a pair of XJs was delivered to the Metropolitan police for testing on May 11, a little too late for the previous PM to enjoy.

Presumably the people at Jaguar couldn't have just sent a pair of cars off the local forecourt, as there tends to be a fair amount of security equipment which comes with top-level Government vehicles.

Whatever your political leaning, and whatever you think about MPs getting access to the latest cars, it is good to see the most powerful man in Britain back in a Jaguar, and the latest and most exciting one at that.

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