Police employ guardian angel for town's roads

Police in Fribourg, Switzerland, have employed a 'guardian angel' to encourage drivers to slow down on the town's roads.

The actor, dressed all in white and wearing a large pair of white wings, will patrol the streets waving at drivers that are speeding.

But the locals might not be as confused by the stunt as we were when we first saw it – it is part of a TV campaign that the authorities have been running called 'Slow down, take it easy.'
The TV ads feature a singing angel imploring stressed or hurried drivers to take a bit more care about their driving style, and this actor will be playing the real-life incarnation of the character.

The ads are actually quite likeable, with a catchy tune accompanying them. Mind you, it requires a basic knowledge of English to comprehend them. We can't imagine a road-safety campaign over here with the slogan being in French or German would work as well.

Check out some of the adverts below. The full version has a couple of swearwords in, another thing we can't see getting past the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK either...

(Image courtesy of Fribourg police)
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