New Porsche GT2 breaks cover

Pictures of the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS have leaked onto the internet following a dealer presentation in Germany.

Details on the hardcore version of Porsche's already rapid GT2 are a little light on the ground, but expect the RS to have gone on the usual crash diet. Reports suggest it might have lost almost 100kg from the standard car's kerbweight.

The rear-wheel drive 911 is thought to have a tuned version of the GT2's twin-turbo, flat-six engine under the hood. Porsche isn't saying, but the usual web-based guess work is pitching its output at over 600bhp.

That level of power should be sufficient for the GT2 to live up to its 'widow-maker' nickname. It certainly looks the part - the pictures reveal the usual RS extras; the 911 is adorned with extra spoilers, side skirts, carbon fibre and air intakes.

The interior has also been stripped back to the essentials and cut with red trim.

Porsche should reveal the full details on the GT2 RS later in the week.
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