Cotswolds pranksters erect fake 'dogging' sign

There seem to be more and more signs cropping up at the side of roads around the country, so at first glance another brown tourist sign won't have attracted any attention.

But the erection of this particular sign caused a few red faces in the Cotswolds as it pointed out an area notorious for 'dogging' - a slang term for outdoor public sexual activity, often between strangers.
Furious locals have since torn the sign down from its site at Barrow Wake near Cirencester, but not before it was spotted.

And anyone who followed the sign will have found just what they were looking for as the spot has apparently gained a bit of a reputation as a popular spot for sexual liaisons, with naked men allegedly seen in the area even in the daytime.

Local resident David Parkinson, 53, said: "It does tend to make the lives of local residents impossible.

"The viewpoint itself is one of the best in the area, fantastic views across Gloucestershire across the Malverns.

"You park there and you get accosted by people after 'stranger sex', I believe the terminology is. It's become a no-go area for residents."
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