Brits consider emigration ahead of economic gloom

Candy Bellinger

New research has revealed that three out of four Brits has considered emigrating to sunnier climes in the past year, but this time it's not the weather that's getting us down.

Australian road
Australian road

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With uncertainty over the country's government and the economic gloom only set to worsen, even the most patriotic amongst us must be thinking about getting out.

Though we've already holidayed at home and ditched the organic meat and veg for the super saver varieties in a bid to save some much-needed cash, there is almost certain to be further financial hardship ahead.

Of the 1,029 Brits questioned three in 10 cited the economy as their reason for dreaming of Australian shores and a quarter of those were concerned about the lack of job prospects.

And whether a mishmash of Labour and Lib Dem or Lib Dem and Tory, whoever finally takes control of the nation's finances will surely be forced to increase tax and cut back on public services.

For the average taxpayer, the prospect of a hung parliament is certainly not one they relish.

Adrian Jacob of Currency UK, who carried out the poll, told the Daily Mail: "Many Brits are concerned by the prospect of a hung Parliament and that the next four years will be dominated by huge tax rises, cuts in public service and inflation.

"People are concerned about the UK's economic strength and this is leading to Brits looking to get out."

But what do you think? Is it time to flee the sinking ship or will you be toughing it out on British shores?