World's fastest Ferrari at theme park

A new rollercoaster at the Abu Dhabi theme park Ferrari World will be the fastest in the world, reaching a top speed of almost 150mph.

The ride, called Formula Rossa, is set to replicate the speeds of a Formula One car, and is said to accelerate at a similar pace – reaching 62mph in just 2.0 seconds.
The power behind the ride comes from an 18,000-horsepower winch, and the whole course is 1.3 miles long. It goes through corners that are as sharp as 70 degrees.

This roller coaster will feature alongside an F430 ride that 'races' two cars along the track, and a flume ride through a 599 engine. In all, 20 rides will be on offer at the park, which is set to open on 28 October, three weeks before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
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