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Who doesn't want to make life a little easier from time to time? With advances in technology there are an increasing number of ways we can avoid those annoying chores. Check out the latest cool innovations that are taking the strain...

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Digital recipe reader by Demy
The digital reader by Demy is a digital recipe reader that memorises up to 2500 recipes in one device. It has a high-resolution, colour touch-screen that, thankfully, is also splash resistant. There are other useful tools such as built in timers and a conversion tool. To get your recipes on the gadget just connect the Demy via USB and sync it with all your recipes.
Price £200.

Diablo sandwich maker

Enjoy anything from a cheese toastie to a Calzone pizza with this new sandwich maker. It's simple to use, just put a slice of bread on one side of the open snack maker, add your filling and finish off with another slice of bread. Close and heat over a gas stove and you have your toastie. It is 14 inches long with a 4 inch diameter so your sarnie will be more than enough for even the healthiest appetite. Titanium coated, completely non-stick and easy to clean.
Price £40

Fridge magnet photo frame
It's great to have pictures of friends and family in your kitchen and this fridge magnet photo frame lets you adorn your fridge with smiley snaps. You can store up to 66 photos and scrolls through them at speeds between 5 and 80 seconds. It has 32MB of internal memory and supports JPG, GIF and BMP images and has both automatic and manual image change modes.
Price £30


The Powermonkey-eXplorer is a useful tool that allows you to be away from a power supply for a day or more. The folding solar panel can be used to charge your mobile or to charge the Powermonkey. The Powermonkey has a rechargeable battery that you connect to your mobile, iPod or digital camera, PSP to recharge them. The Powermonkey stores enough power for about three charges of your mobile, which is ample for a few days away from home.
Price £65m

Jawbone mark 2

The Jawbone is a great Bluetooth headset. It is quality built made from premium materials with a NoiseAssassin, noise eliminator. NoiseAssassin works so well you will be able to carry out a conversation almost anywhere.
Price £79.99

Self propelled suitcase

A lifesaver for the weary traveller. Gives you a little help when you need it most. It's not going to move on its own but it will certainly give your back a break when it starts moving. Although most people will not have an issue with packing enough weight into the suitcase, it does requires at least 15 lbs for it to be operational and holds up to 70.5lbs.
Price £910.00
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