Live from the launch: Mazda in refreshing display of honesty

As with the looks, there is little that has changed as far as the driving experience is concerned with the new Mazda 6, as the brand has chosen to go with little tweaks and refinements here and there to keep the car fresh in the second half of its life.

In fact it is the omission of a potentially beneficial piece of kit that is one of the bigger points of note for the new-look car.
While the engineers have worked on the engines, getting them down to more acceptable levels for those that choose their cars on the basis of the tax and fuel bill, there is no stop start system on the car. There is on other models like the smaller hatchback, the 3, so why not the 6?

It turns out it is not impossible to include the technology, but it would require a complete redesign of the engine bay. To get the system in, everything would have to be moved around and relocated.

Quite apart from the hassle of re-doing the manufacturing process of the whole engine for a system that will reduce emissions slightly, but not dramatically, Mazda would have to resubmit the 6 for crash testing and safety assessment.

So the official line, in not so many words, is that it is too much hassle to do it, so we will have to wait until the car gets replaced in 2013 for it to cut out and fire up every 30 seconds on our urban commute.
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