Live from the launch: Audi's polishing and tweaking

Audi has whisked us over to Germany to introduce us to what it blandly terms 'product improvements'.

Behind that bland marketing phrase lies the gently refreshed TT and the familiar Q7 with a new engine range and 8-speed tiptronic gearbox.
Despite the fact that the TT has only been given a styling polish, Audi treat its ultra successful sports car with great respect. You'll squint to notice any real difference (the front bumper and rear diffuser since you ask) but the real headline change comes under the bonnet where the manufacturer has installed a super-smooth 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine.

The new lump benefits from Ingolstadt's valvematic technology which means a slight bump in horsepower and a significant leap in torque. That change can be keenly felt on the road; the TT pulls with the seamless drive of a V6.

From 2000rpm the car surges forward making driving the comfortable sports car a doddle – first, third and sixth are almost all you will need for sedate driving.

Put the hammer down and the claimed half second drop in the 0-60mph time is more than believable. The new engine feels punchy, and delivers its power with a rorty soundtrack which is not unlike the hum of a tube train.

Impressive stuff, then. The Q7 is up next...
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