Video: Audi kicks off Timberlake mini-series

And so it begins. Justin Timberlake's much touted involvement with the Audi A1 has been building up to this – a six part advertising mini-series with a Hollywood plot including (we assume) plenty of car chases.

It's a pretty slow start though if we're honest. Sure, a guy takes two to the chest in the opening scene, but when you've only got 90 seconds to play with (note to Audi: don't include credits in your two minute action movie) then impact is of the essence.

Otherwise, it's pretty much as we expected. If Audi were hoping for the same screen presence that Clive Owen brought to the BMW 'Ambush' series, then they picked the wrong guy, but Timberlake's pop following should at least guarantee a healthy audience. The megastar's fee clearly had some impact though – the baddies look like they've been hired from the Chuckle Brother's casting agency.