Live from the launch: Seat Ibiza ST part 2

It hasn't taken long, but the new Seat Ibiza ST's looks have actually grown on us a bit.

OK, so it is not as stylish as the Audi A3 Sportback the Seat guys have spoken of in the same sentence as their new car (in terms of looking like a big hatchback rather than a box-on-wheels, not as a direct rival) but it is not as dull as it appeared in last night's rain.

The enjoyment of the driving experience depends on a few factors. First you have to make sure you don't get stuck behind a series of lorries, as we did on the launch, but secondly you have to pick the right engine.

The bottom-end engines are decidedly sensible, with the small diesels aiming to set new emissions lows rather than excitement highs. The 1.2-litre Econetic diesel's 94g/km is a very impressive figure for an estate car, but it definitely feels like it is designed for people who want to drive in an economical manner.

As we suspected, the peppy little 1.2-litre petrol engine is the best fun to drive, with it providing enough revs for enjoyment without sounding like a lawnmower on heat.

The best bit about the little turbocharged 104bhp unit though is the same as the best bit about the diesel - its economy. It emits just 119g/km and therefore gets into a low enough tax band and should be good for a decent enough fuel economy to make it feel as though you are getting the best of both worlds.
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