Fiat officially unveils new Uno

Fiat has officially revealed the new Uno – a supermini due to go on sale in Brazil later this month.

The revival of the Uno name is not as strange as it sounds. The original car may have ceased production in Europe in 1995, but it continued to be a sales success in other parts of the world, especially South America.

The new Uno will be positioned between the Panda and the Grande Punto. At 3.77m long and 1.64m wide the car is understood to be based on a shortened Punto platform, but the styling echoes the boxy chic of its predecessor. An SUV-variant dubbed the 'Way' will also be available, offering chunkier looks and higher ground clearance.
Due to Brazil's extensive use of bio-ethanol, the Uno will go on sale with a choice of two new flex-fuel engines. These can be run on either petrol or alcohol with little detrimental effect on performance.

The entry-level 1.0-litre version develops around 75bhp, while the larger 1.4-litre gets an additional 10bhp. Both will use the same five-speed manual gearbox.

There has been some speculation that Fiat could make the Uno a success in Europe due to the model gap between the Panda and Punto, but the manufacturer has not confirmed its intentions for the supermini other than to say it will be built at the Betim plant in Brazil.
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