Elderly campaigner causes 4-mile tailbacks with traffic light protest

A pensioner has brought the traffic in his village to a standstill by repeatedly pushing the button on a set of pedestrian lights in protest at the volume of vehicles which use the busy main road.

Angry motorists called the police when Tony Fuller, 77, caused tailbacks of up to four miles on the A35 - an arterial route along the south coast - which runs directly through the village of Chideock in Dorset.

Mr Fuller insisted that community had been forced to endure motorway levels of traffic, and decided to take action after nothing had been done by the authorities to tackle the issue. He told the Daily Telegraph that he was prepared to go to prison over the demonstration.
"Even if I do this alone I will continue. If it came to it I would go to jail. I have to make this protest," he said.

"The traffic is horrendous and causing older buildings to subside. Forty-four ton lorries pass within six feet of my window and I have seen as many as 12 in convoy."

Mr Fuller's simple-but-effective plan to cause traffic chaos clearly found some support in the village – last Friday he was joined by around 25 protesters who took it in turn to activate the traffic lights.

The police issued Mr Fuller a warning at the scene, but no arrests were made after the group assured officers that their demonstration would not be carried out during the rush hour.

Nevertheless, Mr Fuller vowed to carry on with the protest twice a week for as long as it took for someone in government to sit down with them and discuss the villagers concerns.
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