Women need more driving lessons than men to pass test

Women take longer to pass their driving test than men, according to new statistics from confused.com.

Researchers found girls need an average of 21 lessons before they pass, compared with 17 for men.

The study also showed that women are more likely to suffer from nerves. But, despite the old pub jokes about girls showing a bit of thigh to get a pass, it's actually MEN who are more likely to befriend or flirt with their examiner. Nearly a quarter of blokes admitted trying to use their charm to get a pass.

The poll surveyed 3000 drivers and found the average man passes his test aged 19 and eight months while the average woman waits until she's 20 years and six months.

Men are generally more confident ahead of the test, but are also more likely to have an accident or near-miss during it, and eight percent of blokes admitted having an attack of road rage while under examination.

Confused.com says premiums for young drivers cost more than ever, with a 6.6 percent price hike for motorists ages between 17 and 20 in the last quarter alone.

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