Worst hot hatches ever!

You've read our feature on the best hot hatches ever to grace Britain's roads - now here's our top five worst contenders!

Contentious as our picks may be, there are few who could deny these hot hatches were all just a little bit rubbish. Ok, few apart from current owners, that is!

Proton Satria GTI

Proton's idea was a good one: take a humble hatchback, hand it to your sister firm to tune – which happened to be Lotus – then sell by the bucket load. Unfortunately the reality was rather different. Lotus did a good job with the Satria GTI's handling, but buyers struggled to see past the Proton badge and although performance from the 1.8-litre was reasonable, it failed to set sales figures alight.


It might have been one of the best-selling hot hatches following its launch – but that in no way makes the ZR a good car! The ZR was based on the awful Rover 25, featured the less-than reliable K Series 1.4 and 1.8-litre engines and quickly picked up a following from hoodie-wearing drivers. It wasn't particularly good to drive, nor particularly quick and there are few that could ever praise its plastic fantastic looks.


After two incarnations as legendary as the MKI and MKII GTI, how Volkswagen got it so disastrously wrong with the third generation is hard to comprehend. It had put on weight in the wrong places and didn't perform like its predecessors. Those changes appealed to a different, family buyer – meaning the GTI had grown up leaving a nation of hot-hatch lovers to mourn its passing. Oh, on a separate note, if you'd forgotten how boring Top Gear used to be, check out this clip...

Vauxhall Nova SR

If you're really unlucky you'll still see one of these hateful Vauxhalls knocking around a council estate near you. It's likely to now feature 'phat' alloys, an exhaust that'll shatter windows and 'choons' which are inaudible to anyone over 25. Problem was the SR was a terrible hot-hatch to start with – it sported an underpowered 1.4-litre, awful body kit and handled like a ferry. That's why most are now modified: Owners are just trying to make them bearable!

Fiat Uno Turbo i.e.

Here's proof that bolting a turbo on to a car doesn't always make it good. The Uno was a funky little hatchback that was actually quite decent in some engine guises, but the Turbo was resolutely poor. Priced to compete with cracking hot hatches like the Peugeot 205 GTI, the 1.4-litre Uno lacked performance - even with a blown engine - and poor handling let it down.

Ok, so we know that not everyone is going to agree with our picks for the worst hot-hatches ever. So we want to hear your choices for this unwanted accolade. Let us know which we should have included and why by posting your comments below.
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