Now Villeneuve hopes for F1 return

Alright, the amount of F1 has-beens trying to get back into the sport is getting silly now.

Mika Hakkinen said the other day that he wants to become an F1 manager, Ralf Schumacher wants to tag onto older brother Michael's return, and now Jacques Villeneuve has been hoping someone will let him drive a car again.
The former champion actually nearly made back to the sport at the beginning of this season with Stefan GP, but missed out when the team failed to make the grid at the start of the season.

"I'm pushing on anyway," said Villeneuve, 39. "Last year showed that teams change their drivers during a season. And the return of Schumacher and de la Rosa is a sign that experience is appreciated once again."

He also reckoned that Schumacher's age is not the reason for his poor performances this year, reckoning that professional hockey players are now continuing into their late 30s and we are all living much healthier lives.

Of course this is conveniently ignoring the fact that Schumacher is in his 40s, and Jacques is not far behind. What next, Mansell and Moss launching a new team to challenge for the 2011 championship?
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