Kirstie Allsopp slates Katie Price over 'famous' kids

Candy Bellinger

Property queen Kirstie Allsopp might seem all sweet and innocent on TV but she is definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

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In a somewhat unexpected rant about glamour girl and public hate figure Katie Price, the Location, Location presenter criticised Price for making her children famous.

In an interview with Star magazine, Allsopp said: "She might as well just put her children up a chimney to earn some money. They have no chance in later life of leading private lives.

"By making them famous, you are removing their right to make that decision themselves."

Four-year-old Junior and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii were both featured on Katie's equestrian clothing website reportedly after expressing a desire to copy their mum at a photo shoot.

And it's true that all three of Price's children appear in her reality TV show What Katie Did Next, but then a programme about her life must surely feature her family.

Katie, of course, has simply brushed the criticism by insisting that she has no idea who Kirstie is. But as a source told the Daily Star: "It just seems unfair she has just picked up on Katie when Peter is on the cover of magazines with the kids."

And whatever the reasons for Princess and Junior appearing on the KP Equestrian website, with paparazzi around every corner it is surely near impossible for celebrities to keep their children out of the media spotlight.

So is it really Katie Price that is "making them famous" or is Kirstie merely following the Katie Price-hating crowd?