What to do if your PC gets a virus

Finding out your computer has a virus is a moment we all dread. Losing files and data that may be irreplaceable is real headache. Warning signs that you may have a virus include your computer running unusually slow, has lots of errors, needs constant reboots and has regular pop-up windows. The good news is that although these viruses come in many forms most are fairly easily dealt with.
Computer virus

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  11. If you think you may have become infected here are some simple steps to clear your system:

    The first thing to do if you think your PC has a virus is to unplug the modem wires and avoid connecting to another computer.

    Go to your virus-scan software manufacturer's website and install any virus updates that are available. Run the software. The software may not be able to delete the virus, but it might be able to tell you which virus you have. This will help you find a way of deleting the virus.

    Browse the web for information regarding your specific virus by typing the name of the virus or its associated file into a search engine followed by the word virus. If you get specific instructions on how to get rid of the virus make sure you follow them.

    Download and install any patches or other programs that will help you eliminate the virus. Or follow any instructions you find on deleting the virus manually.

    If you think your computer was affected with an e-mail virus that mails itself to people in your e-mail address book, contact those people and tell them not to open the messages or attachments.

    If you have lots of files you want to protect then you should invest in some hefty anti-virus software. The net will have lots of software you can download for free.

    f you have tried everything but are still struggling then call in the professionals. There are plenty of companies, which are more than happy to take your PC and clean. Check the local phone book under "Computers; Repair and Service". It may be worth trying more than one company if the quote feels a bit high.
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