A guide to the best kitchens

Fitting a new kitchen can transform your home. We all want to make the best of our property and create an environment we can be happy in. For many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home and getting it right is crucial. From space age to shaker there are dozens of designs and companies to choose from.

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Remember, the kitchen sales market is very competitive and you should try negotiating before agreeing a price. Budget carefully, even if you manage to bag a bargain there is the cost of tiling, flooring, blinds and decorating to think of. Check what's on the net, there are quite a few internet only companies that will give you competitive quote. It's wise to get three quotes before you settle with one supplier but once you have find out what is included in the price. You may be able to get some extras included for free.

Here is a selection of some of the best:

If you are looking for a good looking kitchen for well under the £2000 mark then the Applad kitchen (with Faktum frame) from Ikea will be well within your budget. We are all familiar with the value and style of this store but this is a sophisticated, stylish kitchen installation. Choose between base cabinets and wall cabinets which all come in different sizes. This is a frame system that allows you to design the kitchen you want. Combine the faktum frame with RATIONELL fittings and you will find it easy to keep your kitchen organised.

For this dark wood finish you would normally pay a lot more than the modestly priced Brunswick kitchen. You can get seven units for under £1500 at Focus DIY. Of course, you will have to add more for accessories like sink, taps and appliances. Nevertheless this is excellent value.

For something with a little more wow factor why not look at the Moben Impact range. Get ready for gleaming colours and stylish finishes. Choose from the exotic colour schemes that include geneva lemon, milano ivory and studio lime. This isn't a budget range and you can expect to pay around £9000.

The John Lewis Seattle has a highly contemporary feel but with traditional, Shaker styling, available in warm cherry or sanded oak that can be combined with a stainless steel or aluminium finish. This superb kitchen won't leave you much change out of £3000.

Magnet does an upmarket range of kitchens called the Charleston Bone collection. The full retail price for a kitchen with 12 units will cost over £11,099. This kitchen effectively blends traditional style with modern sophistication. If you can afford the extra it's worth it.
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