Hasty repairs making potholes more dangerous

Since the majority of British motorists will have bemoaned the current state of the nation's roads, many will be pleased to hear that local councils are taking note of the problem.

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Sadly though, their rush to repair the ever-increasing number of potholes means that drivers could face an even greater danger - the lump.

Safety campaigners are now warning that fast but shoddy repair work by "under pressure" councils has left large lumps and loose gravel that drivers are forced to swerve.

Andrew Howard, head of road safety at the AA, told the Daily Mail: "We see this problem all the time, in all parts of the country. Drivers will often swerve to avoid these humps and that can be very dangerous.

"We are seeing more and more potholes everywhere and the councils are under pressure to do the repairs in a hurry."

And all this haste means the repairs aren't rolled flat as they should be leaving motorists swerving and cyclists facing a perilous journey.

Recent figures revealed that 1.4 million potholes were repaired in England alone last year and this year, taxpayers face the prospect of a further £103 million in road maintenance after a hard winter of snow, ice and rain.

But with so many small repairs being badly done, safety campaigners are concerned that lives are being put at risk.

The Government pledged £100 million to deal with the problem in this year's Budget but is it enough to rebuild rather than repair?

And ultimately do we want the repairs done fast or well?
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