BMW reveals Concept Gran Coupe at Beijing show

BMW has reportedly stolen the show in Beijing by unveiling the Concept Gran Coupe, a sleek Porsche Panamera rival that may well be heading for the production line as the new 8 Series.

As its name suggests, the concept merges a GT car's exclusivety with the performance aesthetic of a four-door coupe. The premium manufacturer has highlighted the Concept Gran Coupe's design cues; long wheelbase, set-back cabin and coupe-style roofline, but what sets it apart from the current 5 and 7 Series is palpable good looks.

By sharpening the front end in the name of sportiness, the company' designers have at last managed to attach a properly handsome BMW shark's nose to the front of a four door car. Given the coupe proportions and the fact that the car sits 100mm lower than the 7 Series it's no surprise that the car has gone down a storm at the China show.