Voters care most about car costs

While Messrs Cameron, Brown and Clegg are out kissing babies and dodging eggs on the campaign trail, they would do well to study the cost of their endless travelling around the countryside.

It seems the issue at the top of a list of voters' concerns is just that – the cost of motoring. An AA survey of drivers' issues showed that the high costs involved in running a car were the number one political concern for 51 percent of motorists, followed by illegal drivers – 32 percent mentioned this – and the condition of the roads – 30 percent.

The AA surveyed 14,848 of its members, and saw that the concerns highlighted by those who replied had not been given much prominence in the build up to the election on 6 May.

It also found that the party leaders would do well to research the areas they are campaigning in, as some care more about certain issues than others – despite having cheaper fuel than many other areas, members in the North East care more about the cost of motoring than those in Northern Ireland.

The AA members were also presented with a list of potential policies that have been suggested by the parties to gauge their popularity. The best received suggestion was that of free school buses, with 92 percent of members liking the idea. The least popular policy was the notion of removing some traffic lights, with only 35 percent of members agreeing it would be useful, and 48 percent believing it is a bad idea.

"The top three motoring concerns don't seem to be reflected well in the election manifestos - the cost of motoring is the number one issue for drivers," said Edmund King, AA president.
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