Moss poised for comeback

We like good news stories here at Autoblog especially where Brit heroes of motorsport are concerned, so it's great to learn that at the grand old age of 80, Stirling Moss - well on the road to recovery after his recent accident - is already planning his racing comeback.

For most octogenerians, breaking both their ankles would be more trauma than they would wish to experience but for Moss, it appears to have been more an inconvenience than anything else.
Moss broke both ankles when he fell more than 30 feet into an empty lift shaft at his home in March. Talking to Radio 4, Moss said: "I remember the whole thing. It was a bit of a drama and it was very silly. I hope to be standing on my own feet by the beginning of May. It just takes longer when you are older and it's very boring."

Not only does he want to be standing but he's targeted the first round of the Sir Stirling Moss Moss Trophy at Silverstone on 15/16 May for his racing return, 63 years after he first started in the sport.

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