Lunatic bus driver reads book while on the move

Astonishing footage has appeared on youtube of a bus driver calmly leafing through the pages of a book while driving his double decker along its route.

The nutter was driving his bus - which was full of passengers - along a busy dual carriageway in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham, and apparently didn't even bother to indicate when pulling in to stop.

The number 61's journey was filmed by a passenger sat near the front of the bus on the evening journey. The video's youtube poster says his camera ran out of memory before the end of his journey, but says the incident took place at about eight o'clock on Monday evening.A statement from National Express, the bus operators, has said: "Immediate action was taken to suspend the driver who will now face disciplinary action.

"It is not appropriate to predict the outcome but an incident of this type is likely to lead to a dismissal.

"Passenger safety is always our priority and it is completely unacceptable for any driver to behave in this manner."
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