Lovers' arguments cause 2.5m crashes

Tom Webster

As many as 2.5 million road crashes have been caused by the driver rowing with their passenger, according to insurance company More Than.

Motorists' judgement is impaired in the immediate aftermath of a disagreement, and their driving suffers as a result. Tiger Woods is the most famous recent example – crashing into a fire hydrant and a tree after a blazing row with his wife about his numerous naughty moments – but 36 percent of drivers say they pay less attention to the road after a disagreement and 19 percent have admitted to driving erratically in an argument's aftermath.

More Than has suggested that for each level of tiff, there is a different level of cooling-off period that should be followed, something that we can't see many drivers being calm enough to observe after a row with an unreasonable-in-their-eyes passenger.