Ford Fiesta overtakes VW Golf to become best-selling car in Europe

The Ford Fiesta has overtaken the Volkswagen Golf to become Europe's best-selling car.

According to the latest figures from JATO Dynamics, 68,630 Fiestas were sold in March - 11,785 more than the second-placed Golf.

Ford's diminutive hatchback has out sold the bigger car over the rest of 2010, too. Year-to-date, 140,496 Fiesta's have found new owners, with the Golf someway back on 135,048.

The Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa and Peugeot 207 make up the rest of the top five best sellers.

The Fiesta had been closing the gap on the Golf for some time, but its latest success can be attributed to the car's popularity in markets where scrappage schemes continue to have been a factor.

The supermini actually managed to top the list at the same time last year before the Golf finally moved ahead so there's no guarantee that the Ford will emerge as the best selling car by the end of 2010.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer will be encouraged by the result - especially as the brand has been forced to lower its prices recently after coming under criticism for the high cost of its cars.

The figures also showed that the European markets were buoyant, with Spain, Great Britain, Italy and France all recording double-digit growth, but a spokesman for JATO was quick to point out that these sectors were still under the influence of scrappage schemes.

Germany, which has no such incentives in place, saw sales drop by almost 200,000 units.
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