Wheels fall off Sebastien Buemi's Chinese practice at 200mph

Sebastien Buemi has survived a 200mph crash in the Friday practice session before this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix where both his front wheels came flying off his car.

The Toro Rosso driver, 21, was braking hard at the end of a long straight when both his front wheels sheared off his car. The strain of the braking put them under great levels of pressure, and the failure of a front right upright caused first one wheel then the other to come off at almost the exact same moment.

Buemi might have been furious with his team, but remained calm when talking in public, telling the BBC: "From in the car it was not a problem. I just lost both wheels."
In further displays of fantastic understatement, he said: ""There's not much to say about what happened. I braked, the wheels came off and that was it. Physically, I was fine though."

Worryingly, a wheel also bounced into the spectator area after it hit a tyre wall, but thankfully nobody was hurt.
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